You get a pretty good view from the Eiffel Tower.

You get a pretty good view from the Eiffel Tower.

Gone are the days of needing abs and a chiseled jaw.

All I want is laughter swimming in my eyes,

And to smile at strangers like old friends.

Nostalgia Haunts My Warm Nights

I told myself I was there for other reasons,
I thought I was there for you.
Turns out I was there to be free.

For swing sets and abandoned mini golf,
for psychic sunglasses and Spirit Fingers,
for tea at midnight and swimming at dawn,
for the smell of the forestry at night.

Hours getting lost knowing each other.
The feel of my cheek laying on your cold legs.
Communal toothpaste and shaking hands,
Bad jokes and worse singing.

I blame us for those memories,
I blame us all that we let them end.
I blame you for moving away, and her for moving on,
Him for growing up and them for forgetting.

And I blame me for falling in love so very many times.

Time can’t escape me now!

Time can’t escape me now!

the only constant thing about my character is being temperamental

Also I’m thinking of dieting. Hands up who cares. yay.

I’m sorry, I don’t like being on Tumblr as much nowadays because it makes me feel like sitting around doing nothing but Tumblr. I’ll try to do more on-the-go blogging now that I have a better phone but yeah. We’ll see how it goes.